Voice Lessons

Laura Mamakos is a singing teacher and vocal coach who helps her students find, or improve, their voice with a balanced and healthy approach.

As a singing teacher, Laura guides younger and older students as they develop their technical abilities and improve the multiple skills involved in singing. These skills include breath control and support, tone production and resonance, pitch control and musical intonation, registration, proper vowel and consonant formation, word clarity, attentiveness to musical notation and phrasing, and the learning of songs.

As a vocal coach, Laura focuses more on musical style and performance practice. She can teach new repertoire or assist with diction in a number of languages, including the five she is fluent in. Her extensive experience as a performer and her musical abilities at the piano allow her to properly prepare students for upcoming performances and engagements.

More experienced singers and vocalists might want to improve their singing technique, or focus on developing or caring for their voice.

Younger students are welcome (at least 8 years old), although it’s preferable for vocal instruction to begin once the voice has settled, i.e. in the later teen years.

Lessons can be arranged at Laura’s private studio in the Athens Historic Centre, or at the Kodály Conservatory in Chalandri where she teaches.

For lessons and enquiries please contact: laura@lauramamakos.com